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Virtual Private Networks over Satellite

atrexx offer unique VPN over satellite solutions available nearly everywhere. The standards compliant VPN connectivity performs with high speed data rates up to 2 Mbps. IPsec provides end-to-end security at the highest level.

Utilizing the shared infrastructure of public Internet  over Satellite results in an cost effective corporate network, available world-wide. Thus, satellites are ideal for providing Internet and private network access over long distances and to remote locations.

However, the Internet protocols are not optimized for satellite communications. Satellite conditions adversely interact with a number of elements of the TCP architecture, including its window sizing, congestion avoidance algorithms, and data acknowledgment mechanisms, which combine to severely constrict the data throughput rate that can be achieved over satellite links.

These limitations are normally overcome by a process called "TCP Acceleration" which is often integrated in the Indoor Unit (IDU). In the case of the LinkStar™ based 2way2sat services offered by atrexx, TCP Acceleration is performed by the LinkStar™ terminal. TCP Acceleration increases the throughput and efficiency of network access over satellites by transparently replacing TCP with a protocol optimized for the long latency, high loss and asymmetric bandwidth conditions - all typical of satellite communications.

However, in order to achieve this connection interception and protocol translation process, the IDU must be able to read the headers of the TCP packets. Data security solutions used for Virtual Private Networks (VPN), such as IP Security (IPsec), which encrypt the TCP header along with the data, interfere with the satellite link acceleration technology. The result is a dramatic loss of network performance.

Together with UDcast, atrexx has developed a solution which overcomes the limitations of VPN by Satellite. In the appliances of the UDgateway VPN product family, TCP Acceleration takes places outside the IPsec VPN tunnel, intercepting and enhancing the unencrypted packets. VPN hardware performs subsequently the industry-standard IPsec encryption protocol for the highest level of security, providing end-to-end encryption.

The UDgateway VPN system is composed of VPN servers and VPN clients which all feature NAT/ FW/ DHCP/TCP acceleration, HTTP pre-fetching and IPsec encryption. Depending on the number of sites, the following equipment is installed at the headquarters and the subsidiaries:

  • UDgateway VPN max. 10,50,100 tunnels: Managed Server for numerous VPN over satellite connections. The Server establishes a VPN tunnel from a corporate headquarters LAN across the public Internet, communicating via satellite through the UDgateways VPN mono tunnel to remote locations.
  • UDgateway VPN mono tunnel
    Standalone device for a one-to-one VPN over satellite connection. A UDgateway VPN mono tunnel is typically installed at corporate headquarters when a VPN connection to a single remote location is needed. 
    The same UDgateway VPN mono tunnel serves also as client equipment  installed at the subsidiary locations.

So, if your needs are for an affordable corporate network using public Internet resources in regions not reachable by traditional service providers or as a back-up to an existing VPN, atrexx has the right solution.

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